A second city-owned movie theater opens in Grosse Pointe Park

The city of Grosse Pointe Park has opened a second movie theater, this one offering more variety to residents who have packed the original theater, which shows mostly family movies, since it opened 12 years ago.

The 70-seat, $750,000 Carol C. Schaap Theater was built next door to the current Okulski Family Theater and was paid for by donations from the local Schaap family and the nonprofit Grosse Pointe Park Foundation to the city.

The movie theaters are opened to residents of all of the Grosse Pointes.

The theaters are located inside Windmill Pointe Park and show a changing selection of first-run or near first-run movies week to week.

In addition to parks that come with pools, marinas, an ice rink, a splash pad, a putting green, workout facilities, gyms, and views of Lake St. Clair, Grosse Pointe Park plans to build an art center. It's all part of moves to attract and retain residents and businesses. A year-old trolley funded by the city and local businesses expanded this year.

Source: City of Grosse Pointe Park
Writer: Kim North Shine