Blaze-Thru comic book store opens in downtown Plymouth

Downtown Plymouth will be attracting a new kind of customer with the opening of Blaze-Thru Comics.

The store at 470 Forest Ave. opens Nov. 21 and with it will come fans who see the owner, Josh Bonno, as one of the state's most knowledgeable comic book purveyors and the store, as one Facebook fan put it, as "a cathedral of comics."

Blaze-Thru gives comic book lovers, whether seeking work of national artist or independents, another option in metro Detroit, Michigan and even the Midwest region.

Warp 9 opened in downtown Clawson earlier this month and Green Brain Comics in Dearborn, a thriving business known across the state, moved to a larger location at 13936 Michigan Avenue in downtown Dearborn, along with its building neighbor, Stormy Records.

The comic book stores are more than places to buy comic books and related paraphernalia. They're also the site of comic festivals, book signings, classes and general celebration of the art of comics.

Source: Blaze-Thru
Writer: Kim North Shine

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