Wyandotte hopes to build Arrowhead Pavilion in front of city hall, draw more people downtown

The City of Wyandotte is hoping to raise funds for the completion of the Arrowhead Pavilion, an enhanced outdoor public space in front of Wyandotte City Hall.

Arrowhead Pavilion will be a new gathering space in downtown Wyandotte. Situated at the corner of Sycamore Street and Biddle Avenue, the pavilion will feature outdoor seating, dining spaces, lighting installations, art, and improved landscaping. The venue will also host events, including the Wyandotte Street Art Fair, Christmas Tree Lighting, and monthly 3rd Friday celebrations.

To raise funds to build Arrowhead Pavilion, the city has signed on with the Public Spaces Community Places initiative. Michigan Economic Development Corporation will contribute a $50,000 matching grant to the city if Wyandotte successfully raises $50,000 through a crowdfunding campaign via the Michigan-based crowdfunding platform Patronicity.

Wyandotte has until March 31 to raise the funds. It's an all-or-nothing crowdfunding campaign, meaning that Wyandotte only receives the money if they successfully reach the $50,000 mark.

"This is a project that can really enhance our Downtown, providing additional public space for residents and visitors to gather and relax," Joe Gruber, Downtown Development Authority Director for the City of Wyandotte, says in a statement. "Achieving our goal is only possible with everyone’s participation, and we are confident that lots of folks will participate, because they are deeply connected to this town and its growth and development."

By improving downtown placemaking and pedestrian infrastructure, the city believes that it will attract more residents, visitors, and businesses.

Arrowhead Pavilion was designed by Rochester Hills-based architects D'Anna Associates.

Click here to view the status of the crowdfunding campaign.

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