Auburn Hills and Ferndale ahead of the pack in embracing the newest bar sport: Axe-throwing

For all the hullabaloo made about lumberjack fashion becoming trendy these past several years, it seems the big bearded plaid-wearing types are once more making in-roads into contemporary culture with the unlikeliest of bar games: Axe-throwing. And in southeastern Michigan, it's Oakland County leading the charge.

Recently two different venues, one in Auburn Hills and one in Ferndale, have announced their participation in the sport.

In Auburn Hills, it's The HUB Stadium, a 30,000 sq. ft. facility dedicated to sports and food, craft beers, and specialty cocktails. Having already embraced Bombowling, a sport where participants compete in throwing footballs at bowling pins, The HUB has now expanded its offerings to include axe-throwing. The HUB also offers the seemingly far more conventional sport of Ping Pong.

In axe-throwing, competitors pair off in side-by-side stalls to throw axes at targets, a sport reminiscent of darts. The HUB says that a highly-trained Axe-Throwing Coach is always on hand to maintain safety.

The HUB has affiliated itself with the World Axe-Throwing League, and registration for its 2018 Axe-Throwing Leagues is currently available. The WATL bills itself as the professional association for axe-throwing, organizing tournaments and leagues across the world.

The HUB Stadium is located at 2550 Takata Dr. in Auburn Hills.

Not yet open is Detroit Axe, a bar and axe-throwing venue currently under construction in Ferndale. Located in the old Local Kitchen & Bar, Detroit Axe will offer 12 lanes of axe-throwing fun, as well as arcade and pinball machines, bumper pool, shuffleboard, and more.

Detroit Axe will also offer a full bar and kitchen, with its event space accommodating up to 150 people.

Detroit Axe is located at 344 W. Nine Mile Rd. in Ferndale.

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