Blue Hat Coffee & Gallery now on track for 2020 spring opening in downtown Farmington

For those anxiously awaiting the arrival of Blue Hat Coffee & Gallery in downtown Farmington, they would best be served to take a cue from Blue Hat COO Phillip Jewell and exercise as much patience as he has.

While Jewell once ballparked a hopeful fall 2019 opening for the coffee shop, it’s now looking like Blue Hat won’t be opening its doors in Farmington until spring 2020. And that’s dependent on Jewell finding a contractor that can pour concrete for an entrance ramp and a backyard deck.

He needs that to be completed within the next few weeks before the real deep freeze of winter takes hold.

The delays have come from any number of causes, as they do with many a new business. Inspections and permits and construction delays can slow down any project, big or small.

"We’re probably into February or March before we’re open, at the earliest. We lost four months of buildout time," Jewell says.

"Having opened a business before, it’s not unusual to get delays. We’re just trying to get as much done as fast we can in the meantime."

That means tearing down walls and putting up new ones. Updating the electrical system. Plumbing demo.

Jewell and his team have been doing much of the work themselves. While the unexpected delays mean that the coffee shop has yet to open, Blue Hat still has to pay rent while renovations carry on. Jewell, who comes from a family of carpenters, has been picking up a hammer himself as a means to save money, whether he wants to or not.

Still, Jewell remains excited for Blue Hat’s eventual arrival in downtown Farmington. The delays haven’t dampened his spirits. Work charges on.

"I’m usually there Monday through Thursday every week, working on the place," Jewell says.

"We’ll try to open as soon as we can in the spring."

Blue Hat Coffee & Gallery is located in the old Masonic Lodge 23715 Farmington Rd. in downtown Farmington. The original Blue Hat is located in the city of Coldwater.

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