Kids' play place with an emphasis on non-electronic activities to open in Dearborn

Detroit Kid City is coming to Dearborn. The non-electronic indoor play place for kids will open in the Garrison Place plaza this fall.

With locations in Clinton Township and Southfield, it’s the third location and first franchise for the company. Fouad Bazzi and Amal Bakri are the franchisees responsible for bringing Detroit Kid City to Dearborn.

There are two kinds of play, says Bazzi: Active and imaginative. While there are many kids’ play places that focus on the former, he believes that Detroit Kid City is the rare one that also focuses on the latter.

There is an emphasis on kids putting down their electronics and picking up their imaginations. Props, toys, and costumes are available throughout the play place’s numerous themed rooms.

Bazzi first visited a Detroit Kid City on a Monday and by the following Saturday, he brought Bakri to see it for herself. They were immediately convinced that Detroit Kid City would work in Dearborn.

"Living in Dearborn, you have to drive 20 minutes to get to a Chuck E. Cheese’s," Bazzi says. "We’re filling in a gap that needs to be filled while doing something we’re excited and passionate about."

This is the first business partnership for Bazzi, who comes from the banking industry, and Bakri, a former teacher. By incorporating their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and children, the duo are confident in their first foray into operating their own business.

"Teaching will always be my passion. It’s hard to leave the classroom but I really didn’t like the heavy emphasis placed on standardized testing," says Bakri.

"I wanted a way to passionately teach children without the pressure of being observed through standardized testing. This does that."

Work is currently underway on the 3,400 sq. ft. space. It is located at 22950 Michigan Ave. in Dearborn.

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