Live, work, and play in downtown Farmington with new condos for rent

For those looking to embrace downtown Farmington as a live-work-play destination city, new opportunities abound on Grand River Avenue.

Located above Samurai Hibachi & Sushi are three newly renovated residential units, two of which have already been leased. Classified as condos because of their high ceilings, the units were renovated six months ago and came online late last year.

Samurai manager Sierra Maracle is a new downtown Farmington resident herself.

Samurai manager Sierra Maracle"It’s been pretty awesome, is all I can say. It’s right downtown. Even to grab a coffee it’s a quick walk away. You can walk to restaurants, the movie theater. There’s a nail shop opening soon next door," Maracle says.

"There’s a ton to do that’s enjoyable."

The remaining unit is a 1,100 sq. ft. condo that rents for $1,400 per month. The second-floor apartment has been completely renovated and features new appliances throughout.

The condos are owned by Samurai owner and operator Xie Zheng, LLC.

It’s only the beginning for Xie Zheng. While the Farmington restaurant has been operating under a soft opening, the full Samurai experience won’t be fully complete for a little while longer. Construction will soon begin on an addition adjacent to the current location, allowing space for a full hibachi grill experience.

Fans of the Live-Work-Play model of mixed-use development should be happy to learn that three floors of residential units are planned atop the new restaurant, allowing for six more units per floor. Maracle hopes that the new development will break ground next month and be completed by this time next year.

Standing in the way of the new Samurai Steakhouse is an old home that Maracle says will soon be submitted to a controlled burn as part of a fire safety instruction and training demonstration by the Farmington Fire Department.

The available condo unit is listed on

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