Salons and barbershops find downtown Farmington a cut above the rest

With the news of a Supercuts franchise coming to downtown Farmington, we thought we’d check in with some of downtown’s existing salons and barbershops. For as quaint a shopping district as downtown Farmington is, there is a preponderance of hair stylists when compared to the number of other types of businesses downtown.

Ruby Blu Salon. Joe’s Headquarters. Legato Salon & Spa. Decades of business in downtown Farmington between them. We reached out and this is what we heard.

Christie Jaber, owner, and stylist at Joe’s Headquarters

Christie Jaber worked at Joe’s Headquarters for roughly five years before purchasing it from Joe over a year ago. Joe still works a few days a week, keeping consistency for a business that’s been downtown for more than a decade. Christie says that Joe’s Headquarters is a family, from stylists to the customers, and that’s one of the reasons that people keep coming back.

"Joe wanted out and he was going to sell it to a random person and I couldn’t let it happen. We’re not uppity, we’re not pretentious. Everyone cares about each other and each other's clients," Christie says.

"One of my favorite things about Farmington is that Farmington people love to keep their money in Farmington."

Diane and Karlyn Cassidy, owner and manager, mom and daughter, at Legato Salon & Spa

This is the fourth salon Diane Cassidy has owned in downtown Farmington, a business owner here since 1985. After three locations of her Village Clippers, Diane bought Legato Salon & Spa in 2005.

"I heard a quote a long time ago, ‘When you embrace your community, they never let you fail.’ I believe that is still true today," Diane says.

"We’ve been lucky to serve this community for so many years. It was wonderful when I began my business in 1985 and it’s even better today."

Her daughter, Karlyn, is big on downtown Farmington, too--for salons, barbershops, and otherwise.

"There are a lot more young people coming to the area. It’s a lot busier. Downtown has gotten a facelift with its beautification efforts," Karlyn says.

"It’s becoming more of a destination."

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