Investigate 'unexplained phenomena' and solve the mystery at new escape room in Ferndale

The latest entertainment destination to open in Ferndale is The Fifth Wall Escape Rooms, a theatrical and Detroit-centric take on the escape room phenomenon. We asked Sherry Gershon, Fifth Wall's Chief Operations Officer, and co-owner, all about it.

How would you describe The Fifth Wall Escape Rooms to someone you just met?

A: The Fifth Wall Escape Rooms is a place in which people can play a game together that challenges their mind while having fun. There is a variety of puzzles that appeal to a myriad of different personality types, so there is something for everyone.

Escape Rooms have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. What makes yours unique?

A: The Fifth Wall Escape Room is a division of The Fifth Wall Society, which is an organization that investigates unexplained phenomena and strange occurrences. The Fifth Wall Escape Rooms present puzzles that have affiliations with said phenomena to solve the mysteries of the room. The Fifth Wall is also unique in that every escape room has an association with a Detroit area or Michigan story.

How did you get into the Escape Room business?

A: Seeing a need for fun and games, The Fifth Wall Society decided to turn some of their investigations into play for the community.

How big a role does creativity play in your business?

A: Creativity is the number one role in this business. We have to be creative in the narrative of the game, the design of the room and puzzles, and creative in how to execute the puzzles so they work and make sense the public. We are not shy to use a plethora of mediums in which to decorate and dazzle the eye. From wallpaper to stone, metals, and materials we are not allowed to mention, our entire space is stunning!

How do your business and the city of Ferndale complement one another?

A: Our business and Ferndale go hand in hand. We are both places in which people come to have fun and enjoy themselves. Ferndale is known to be diverse in community and rich in festivals. This winning combo attracts people who are not afraid of a challenge or something new--which is precisely what The Fifth Wall Escape Rooms embodies.

The Fifth Wall Escape Rooms is located at 1930 Hilton Rd., Ste. 100, in Ferndale.

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