Four new public art installations to be celebrated in downtown Mt. Clemens

Downtown Mt. Clemens, a community with a number of public art installations already to its credit, is celebrating the addition of four more.

The artworks will be celebrated and presented to the public at the Super SatARTday event at the Anton Art Center on Saturday, June 8.

"Public artwork can play an important role in making a public space somewhere that people want to spend time--a concept known as placemaking," says Phil Gilchrist, executive director of the Anton Art Center.

"Beautification of public spaces in this way can help to build a sense of community, develop a community's character, and even drive some economic development and local tourism."

Four public art projects were installed this spring, each the work of local artists.

Native fish, vibrant colors, and mathematic equations adorn the stairs leading to the Clinton River from northbound Gratiot Avenue, the work of Wendy Popko.

Mother and daughter Angelika Wynes and Alana Wynes created a historic-minded mural in the Cherry Street alley off Macomb Place.

The Macomb Family YMCA installed a compass-style hopscotch board.

Picture frames were painted on the walkways at the Anton Art Center to encourage chalk ark.

Advancing Macomb, the Anton Art Center, the City of Mount Clemens, and the Macomb Family YMCA partnered on the projects in accordance with the KaBoom! and Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation Play Everywhere grant challenge.

"As a community-based arts organization, supporting our community in efforts like this is one way that we enrich and inspire people of all ages through the arts," Anton’s Gilchrist says.

"We appreciate being invited to partner on this program with Advancing Macomb, the Macomb Family YMCA, the City of Mount Clemens, and the Cherry Street Mall."

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