Southfield to celebrate $2.5M in renovations and upgrades at five city parks

What’s happening: It’s been a busy year for the City of Southfield Parks and Recreation Department, with five city parks having received significant improvements since the start of 2023. Now city officials are inviting the community to come celebrate with them with a ribbon-cutting ceremony scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 26, at Miller Park.

What they’re celebrating: Southfield has invested $2.5 million on park improvement projects at five different parks throughout the city this year. New playground equipment was installed at Civic Center Park, Freeway Park, and Bedford Woods Park; and at Civic Center Park, the city resurfaced and painted seven tennis courts and updated lighting there. Both Simms and Miller parks received new paved walking paths and basketball courts.

Pickleball ascendant: The ever-increasing popularity of pickleball nationwide has not failed to reach Southfield, and several of the park improvements saw the addition of pickleball infrastructure. At Miller Park, tennis courts were renovated into four new pickleball courts. Pickleball lines were added to one of the newly-resurfaced tennis courts at Civic Center Park, and to three tennis courts at Beech Woods Park. With a pickleball court at Simms, that’s now nine pickleball courts throughout the city.

What’s coming: The new playground equipment installed at Civic Center Park, Freeway Park, and Bedford Woods Park is just the beginning for Southfield, as the Parks & Rec department plans to replace each of the 12 playgrounds throughout the city.

How to celebrate: A ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for 3 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 26, at Miller Park, where light refreshments are planned along with remarks from Mayor Kenson Siver, City Administrator Fred Zorn, and Parks & Recreation Director Terry Fields. The event is free and open to the public.

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