Longstanding Hazel Park art gallery and performance space reopens after a year away

What’s in a name, anyhow?

Hazel Park’s The Phoenix Café, closed for nearly a year, has reopened as The Phoenix in a new location with a bigger, broader mission.

Still located in Hazel Park, the arts and performance space has reopened in a much bigger building than its previous home, though still in the same neighborhood. Co-owner Been Frank estimates it’s about three times as big as the old space on John R Road.

"We were looking to move wherever and ended up a block from the old place," he says.

"It’s a good strong community out here. It’s proper."

Frank reopened The Phoenix with new partner Zari Coin.

Now located on Ten Mile Road, the new space allows the pair to grow the Phoenix from an art gallery and performance space into something bigger. While art classes, exhibitions, and music concerts will remain at the core of what the Phoenix is, Frank and Coin will also utilize the space to create a gaming room and recording studio.

It’s anything goes at The Phoenix, more or less. One part of the building may host figure drawing classes while an out-of-town metal band plays at the other end. The bigger space allows for bigger art installations, too.

In utilizing the new gaming room, Frank would also like to see robotics and technology contests. "Cool stuff for the kids," he says.

For the recording studio, the Phoenix team will be recording and promoting local musicians, helping them with tour packages and merchandise. The studio will also be used to record podcasts.

Art classes will continue, as will the community forums and free food events.

Bigger. Better. And back.

The Phoenix is located at 510 E. Ten Mile Rd. in Hazel Park.

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