Village of Franklin

New Franklin gallery uses art to heal

The Village of Franklin is a quiet, tree-filled area that harkens back to another era. That's why it's the perfect place for a new art gallery centered around healing and meditation. 

Jacqueline Drake opened her gallery, by the same name, at 32611 Franklin Road in May this year and hasn't wasted any time connecting with her customers. Drake runs "healing art" workshops for the Gilda's Club, cancer and crisis centers, and hospitals and businesses.

"I wanted to take my workshops to the next level by creating a full-experience that touches all your senses in a healing environment," Drake explains.

Drake's two-month classes, such as her Mindfulness and Meditation Through Painting, are aimed at helping people slow down from busy lifestyles and to focus on being "present in the moment." The purposely small classes often start with a guided meditation before participants paint what they experienced.

"I teach them how to compose a piece by using their very own insights into themselves that they have discovered during the meditation," says Drake.

Participant Eileen Harryvan described the gallery and Drake's classes as a "break from the rest of the world" and a place to get "a little boost of peace and calm."

Drake says the gallery was 20 years in the making and that Franklin was natural choice for her after moving to the area 10 years ago. She says part of why a therapeutic art space works is because of the historic village's pace of life. "Franklin village is known to be a quaint little village in the middle of busy metropolitan area," Drake says. "I believe the village itself has many healing qualities because it connects people with a simpler time."

Drake's historic building on the village green bares the slogan "The Town that Time Forgot," a sign that Drake couldn't bring herself to alter when she and her husband did a six-week renovation blitz. "To finally build and create my dream business was daunting, crazy and exciting all in one breath."

Drake has plans to expand the gallery's calendar to host more events, including a music night for local singers and songwriters to perform and record, poetry readings, and listening events.

"I believe I am just beginning on a long journey to create a community space, " Drake says, "and am constantly looking for ways to have a positive impact on the community while helping people experience the beauty and powerful influence that art has." 
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