Sterling Heights

PHOTOS: Sterling Heights public art walk

Sterling Heights has a wealth of public art, and much of it proudly on display on the city center campus. Here, tucked neatly along the paths connecting city hall, the Upton House Museum, library, and police station, one can find sculptures and murals from up-and-coming locals and world famous artists alike. That latter group includes Marshall M. Fredericks, the artist most famous for, at least locally, the Spirit of Detroit sculpture in downtown Detroit.

Of course, the city’s public art works stretch far beyond the city center, and a map detailing where each piece can be found is available online. Keep an eye on it, as there’s bound to be something new added in the near future. As Mayor Michael C. Taylor told us after a public art dedication this past April, “What makes a city great, and what I think makes people more fulfilled in their lives, is when the city goes above and beyond and can create interesting, unique experiences and connections.”

We sent photographer Steve Koss out on a beautiful summer day to capture life amongst art.

“Oracle I” by Jerome Soble

“Receiver” by Brian Alexander

“X’s & O’s” by Mark Beltchenko

“The Flying Dutchman” by Sergio De Giusta

“Spirit of Sterling Heights” by Marcia Wood

“Ring Around the Rosie” by Bernadette Zachara-Marcos

“To Serve and Protect” by Nicole MacDonald

“Reading Girl” by Lesendes Mädchen

“Two Bears” by Marshall M. Fredericks

“Spiral Note” by John Piet

“Library Mural” by Kelly Gray
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