Photo Essay: Maker Faire Rocks!

Combine three parts Thomas Edison, two parts Martha Stewart, and whole lotta MacGuyver and you might get within a hundred feet of what Maker Faire is all about.

This past weekend The Henry Ford sponsored the ultimate celebration of the handmade. homemade, and insanely innovative. Think of it as the ultimate science fair, a Lolapalooza for freaks, geeks, and evil geniuses.

A wildly popular annual event in San Francisco (drawing over 100K people), the organizers decided to take the faire on the road this year, landing in both Austin, TX and good 'ol Metro Detroit. Make Master Mark Frauenfelder dropped in and estimated that the weekend attracted nearly 20K locals.

If you missed it... or just want to relive the feverish inspiration all over again, Metromode's Dave Lewinski offers up this fabulous photo tour...

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