Ferndale 'plant cafe' expands menu with comfort foods to appeal to first-timers

GreenSpace Café wants more people to enjoy their plant-based vegan fare. That’s why the Ferndale restaurant and craft cocktail bar has expanded their menu to include their take on seemingly more traditional comfort foods and snacks.

While GreenSpace staples like the Superfood Salad and Brussels Fattoush remain on the menu, the café hopes that more familiar foods will draw in new customers.

"Our Monday Slider Fests, Taco Tuesdays and happy hour snacks receive such rave reviews that we decided to add a 'healthier comfort food' section to the menu," says cardiologist Joel Kahn M.D., who co-owns GreenSpace Café with his wife Karen and son Daniel.

The Kahns opened GreenSpace Café in December 2015. A fast-casual iteration, GreenSpace & Go, opened in Royal Oak in 2017.

New additions to the menu are many. There are the Loaded Nachos with seitan chorizo and cashew sour cream, a shiitake Bac’n Cheezburger, an Al Pastor Cubano with pineapple-marinated jackfruit, and a three-bean Sloppy Joel. An expanded brunch menu includes Avocado Benedict and tofu Huevos Rancheros.

Even the deserts are health-conscious, with the Michigan Apple Pie featuring date caramel and the Superman ice cream made from pea milk.

There are new dairy-free milkshakes, which include pumpkin spice, chocolate raspberry, and strawberry matcha flavors, to which diners may add alcohol if they choose.

"At our core we’re about healthy, whole, local and delicious. The new comfort foods are geared to those who may be visiting a plant café for the first time," says Kahn.

"We honor the opportunity to introduce them to tempeh, jackfruit, legumes, and other staples and to show how tasty plant-based eating can be."

GreenSpace Cafe is located at 215 W. Nine Mile Rd. in Ferndale, Michigan.

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