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Q&A with Angie Lommen, leader at multinational defense and aerospace company BAE Systems

When Angie Lommen isn’t working as a program director at BAE Systems, she acts as part of the Innovate Mound executive committee, contributes to Women in Defense and participates in the Sterling Heights Community Foundation. The busy leader in defense and aerospace took a moment to talk about her roles, and how she juggles them all, with Metromode.

Q: What do you love about your work with BAE?

A: I take pride in knowing that I contribute to helping our troops and their families ensure a safe return home from their service – just as those before me supported my relatives who served in the military. I also enjoy engaging with a broad mix of colleagues every day – from co-workers to customers and community partners within my network.
My co-workers and customers mission to support servicemen and servicewomen align with my personal passion, while my community partners from defense community organizations and the local city focused organizations are all are driven to make a better future for everyone, which I find so energizing.

Q: What’s the most challenging part of the work you do?

A: I find that striking the balance between strategic work and urgent work can be challenging. When I see an opportunity to contribute during urgent situations I tend to want to jump in and help right away, but I remind myself to take a step back and think of the strategic outlook and how we can better help our war-fighter have the advantage.

Q: What’s it like being a woman in a leadership role in manufacturing?

A: BAE Systems supports many women-focused events and networks, such as our employee resource group, the Women’s Inclusive Network (WIN).
There are also other female industry groups I am a part of outside of our company, including Women In Defense (WID). In an era where there is such open discussion about women’s challenges in the workplace, I feel these types of connections are crucial, especially in a male-dominated industry.

Q: We know you can’t reveal too much, but what are you excited about that your company is working on right now?

A: The U.S. Army has shifted gears to accelerate new products and capability for our soldiers, and I am excited to see our company’s commitment to join them in these efforts. My team is actively supporting new technologies and showcasing the ‘art of possible’ to our customer. I’m also excited to see how our prior technology investments will soon head into production that will increase capacity and open the door to look at our sustainability and logistics differently.

Q: What’s the best thing about your work being based in Sterling Heights?

A: Quality of life is found in every corner. There are so many community offerings that bring together businesses, families and individuals.

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