RedViking focuses on insourcing engineering work to Plymouth

RedViking has a mission to bring high-end engineering work back to the U.S., and it's accomplishing that by creating more jobs in Plymouth.

The wholly owned subsidiary of Superior Controls has been working to build out turn-key capital equipment that performs testing on powertrain systems. It designs and builds highly engineered testing systems primarily for the automotive, aerospace and defense industries.

"This work has been outsourced to other countries, primarily Europe," says Greg Cameron, vice president of sales for RedViking.

That has worked in the company's first five years. It now employs 110 people, including 80 in Plymouth. It has hired 10 people over the last year and has another 10 open positions right now. The company's main operations are in Plymouth but it also has a Research Triangle Engineering Center in North Carolina, along with a bevy of other remote offices across the U.S. It recently opened a new office in Texas last month.

"We probably could have hired more if we could find them," Cameron says. "Engineering talent is surprisingly hard to find lately."

Source: Greg Cameron, vice president of sales for RedViking
Writer: Jon Zemke

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