High Level Marketing doubles staff and office space

Lots of businesses bill themselves as servicing the small-to-medium-sized business sector, claiming it's their sweet spot. High Level Marketing is quickly growing a business from that claim in Farmington Hills.

The 6-year-old Internet marketing firm has watched its revenue spike 74 percent over the last year. It has also doubled its staff, hiring seven people. It now has a staff of 13 employees and is looking at adding interns. That growth has also prompted the company to expand its office space, doubling it to 3,000 square feet.

High Level Marketing specializes in website design and search engine optimization. Its bread and butter is helping local businesses that once relied on the likes of the Yellow Pages to draw in new business to instead create a professional Internet presence that is easily searchable.

"A lot of our clients find us through referrals," says Wesley Mathews, president of sales & CFO for High Level Marketing. "We don't do a lot of extra marketing."

Mathews expects High Level Marketing to keep growing at a rapid clip in 2013, bumping up its revenue at 50 percent or more. He also says his firm is continuing to expand its staff and is always looking for good sales professionals, website designers and programmers.

Source: Wesley Mathews, president of sales & CFO for High Level Marketing
Writer: Jon Zemke

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