NuSoft spinoff Kinetic IG growing, to hire 6

Ever wonder why Web sites' change formats every time they become familiar? Kinetic Innovations Group knows. Its firms like them are usually behind the changes.

Kinetic IG, a new division of Troy-based NuSoft Solutions, is a group of 25 people that work to revamp and even reinvent Web sites. The idea is to make them more user-friendly and eye-catching, while taking advantage of current marketing techniques.

So far the new divisions has led to the creation of eight new jobs (mostly web designers) and there are plans in the works to hire another six people later this year.

"Nu Soft has been doing this business for a lot of years," says Brian Anderson, director of Kinetic IG. "What's different is that we have reorganized our company to turn this into our specialty."

The new division is off to a fast start, doing work for companies as varied as National City Bank, Spectrum Health and, among others. The team is working to maximize the potential of the business' Web sites by making sure they are simple to use, easy to understand and utilizing user-friendly web applications.

Kinetic IG pulls this off by teaming up experience web designers with people who know how to incorporate marketing fundamentals and fresh software development into Web sites. Kinetic IG will focus on this while Nu Soft will continue on as a full-service technology company working on everything from setting up IT infrastructure to consulting on system servers.

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Source: Brian Anderson, director of Kinetic IG
Writer: Jon Zemke

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