Turning Metro Detroit into an artist's canvass

Here's a little fact you may not know... Philadelphia has over 3000 murals. And it's a point of pride for the city, an enthusiastic display of local and imported artistic expression. Could Detroit and the metro area be open to the same kind of initiative?


Idiosyncratic murals painted by some of the world's most famous street and graffiti artists have been popping up on walls across Metro Detroit, from Eastern Market to Hamtramck to Royal Oak.

Behind the murals are Hamtramck-based arts group Contra Projects and the owners of Royal Oak-based 323East gallery, which together hatched the Detroit Beautification Project.

Asked why they formed the group, Contra Projects director Matthew Eaton gestured at illicit graffiti tags defacing a brick wall in Eastern Market. "Have you seen this place?" he asked, looking around. "What's the downside of letting artists make the city look more colorful and engaging?"

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