Wedding videos inspire metro Detroit startup Wedit

According to entrepreneur Brett deMarrais, you don't need to hire a budding Martin Scorcese to shoot your wedding. Save money and get your family and friends to do it. His startup, Wedit, helps.


"DeMarrais’ company offers a DIY wedding videography service that, for $199, sends couples a package containing five HD video cameras at least three days before their wedding. The bride and groom then pass the cameras out to guests with the idea that the footage they capture will be full of those candid, heartfelt moments that loved ones may have a better ability to recognize. (While your videographer, a stranger hired out of the Yellow Pages, might not understand the significance of your estranged father pulling you to the side for an emotional hug and pep talk, your best friend would, and she would presumably dive for the camera to capture it on film.)"

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