Blog: The Concentrate Team

Concentrate wants to change the conversation about Washtenaw County. It's very easy to criticize what's wrong.  But we believe it's just as easy to learn from what's right. So, who are "we?" Over the next week this blog will introduce you to the people and ideas behind Concentrate.

Post No. 1: Paul Schutt

Paul Schutt is the co-founder of Issue Media Group, a Detroit based media company that has created online magazines: Model D and metromode in Detroit, PopCity in Pittsburgh, Rapid Growth in Grand Rapids, Capital Gains in Lansing and Soapbox in Cincinnati. 

In 2004, Paul sold the company he co-founded and led for 10 years, The Collective, an online marketing and web development firm that provided solutions to companies such as, Ford Motor Company, the U.S. Open, the SuperBowl, General Motors and many others.  

Mr. Schutt also co-founded Cleveland based, Easy2 Technologies in 1999. He currently serves on many public and private sector advisory boards.  

Paul is a native of Michigan and currently lives in Ann Arbor with his wife Megan and son Oliver.

Choosing to live in Michigan has been a subject that has caused a lot of tension for me.

The tension is…should I stay and be part of the next generation that is re-imagining and creating what’s next for Michigan, or should I leave and go to a place like NYC where I can plug into a scene that appears to be ready made for me?

I have decided to stay and be part of what’s next…

Issue Media Group creates weekly online magazines like Concentrate that changes the conversation about what is next.

Traditional media has made a business out of "loss" – unemployment, fire, murder and crime are all well covered.

Concentrate is making a business out of "growth" - growing companies, investments in our cities and the thought leaders that are creating an authentic sense of place.

Brian Boyle, Deepa Ramsinghani (my business partners) and I created a media company that hires journalists, photographers and filmmakers to help us raise the profile of the people and the stories behind what is next for the community.

If you are familiar with Fast Company magazine, you don’t read it to figure out who is going out of business. You read Fast Company to see what’s next in business. We are bringing that type of media coverage to the Ann Arbor area.

You don’t read us to find out who is going out of business– you read us to see what’s next.

I don’t want to discount the value of muckraking and the coverage of crime and scandal. This type of media coverage often brings transparency and results in positive change. But doom and gloom seems to be dominating the narrative for our communities.

The current narrative for Michigan doesn’t work for me, so I am working to change it.