Blog: Mahendra Ramsinghani

Mahendra Ramsinghani, our guest blogger this week asks: "By attracting a few entrepreneurs, a lot of economic challenges could be addressed. But could a bumper sticker attract the right entrepreneurs?" Read his final post to learn the answer.

Ramsinghani is with Plymouth Venture Partners in Ann Arbor. Check back here weekdays for more posts.

Post No. 1

Let A Thousand Entrepreneurs Bloom!

When Jim Carrey arrived in Hollywood Hills in 1987, like every other aspiring actor: lot of dreams and energy, no track record. The story goes: he wrote a check to himself for $10 million and dated it "Thanksgiving 1995." In the memo line he added "For Services Rendered."

Carrey worked for years before he made any money – and in moments, weak or strong, he would pull out the check to remind himself of what he could create and the value of his ‘services’.

As Pfizer employees struggle with career choices (in the coming months?), a few may explore the entrepreneurial route and to them I suggest, write a check to yourself with the memo line: "For forming a great life sciences company." After all, some of the best life sciences entrepreneurs in Michigan have graduated from Pfizer (or Parke-Davis/ Pharmacia / Upjohn).

Take for example, the Newton-Mayleban team who were responsible for forming Esperion Therapeutics - a great company creating a lot of wealth in Ann Arbor. Roger Newton and Tim Mayleban formed and led this start-up to its initial public offering in August 2000 followed by a $1.3 billion acquisition by Pfizer in December 2003.

Post acquisition, Roger Newton has invested his time, wisdom and cash, nurturing several entrepreneurs and venture funds in the region, creating a ripple effect in the economy. Likewise, Mayleban is building yet more start-ups, allowing his cranium to indulge in a never-ending entrepreneurial high.

Or take the example of QuatRx, an Ann Arbor based drug development company. The company is led by a team of ex-Parke-Davis executives, who started it when Pfizer swallowed their former employer. As a testimonial to the strength of the management team and its technology, QuatRx has raised more than $67 million in venture capital since 2000 and is currently an IPO candidate.

Several Pfizer / Esperion executives have recently formed Cerenis, a company focused on developing small molecule HDL products for cardio-vascular treatment. Most of the management team members are ex-Esperion or Pfizer. Cerenis raised $53.5 million in venture capital in November 2006.

Another example that comes to mind is Felix de la Iglesia, who has a 34-year career in pharmaceutical development. Felix co-founded Cambridge Biotechnology Ltd. in 2001, which was then sold to a larger pharma company in 2004. In 2003 he co-founded QRxPharma Pty Ltd., a biopharmaceutical start-up company that raised venture capital in August 2004. In Nov 2006, Felix organized the Michigan Technology and Research Institute, a service laboratory and a research-consulting consortium, which is led by two key Pfizer executives, Michael Bleavins and Elizabeth Garofalo.

All of these companies could spawn the 'anchor company' effect in Ann Arbor.

Needless to say, it will take time for start-ups to create a meaningful impact. There is always the chance of high mortality and a lot of drop-offs. But Jim Carrey never looked at the obstacles. By 1994 Ace Ventura, Mask and Dumb & Dumber had grossed $550 million. Carrey was commanding $20 million a movie… a year ahead of his prediction. When Carrey’s dad passed away in 1994, the star no longer needed the check & slipped it in his Dad’s coat pocket as he was lowered into his grave.

I know it is hard to draw inspiration from a goofball such as Jim Carrey but, heck, when was the last time you wrote a $10 million check to yourself? Try it. You have nothing to loose and you might like the feeling enough to do something about it.

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