Blog: Jesse Bernstein

Jesse Bernstein says he feels half his age. Maybe that's why he's so invested in the idea of developing a vision of the future for Ann Arbor's Transportation Authority. The former president of A2's Chamber of Commerce believes that it is imperative we develop a comprehensive vision of what mass transit will look like a decade from now, and beyond. More than reading his blog, he wants you to weigh in on what the future of Washtenaw County's public transit should look like.

Jesse Bernstein - Post 3: The Future Is Ours

WOW!!! I can’t believe how many of you logged on to the website. It almost overloaded the circuits.

There are three pieces in this visioning process:

  • understand the entire transit system, public, semi-public, and private as it exists today
  • understand the options for public transit in the future, the impact each one has on economic development, the cost, the environmental impact and much more
  • discuss the options for the future and come up with a vision.
I think we can do this by the end of the year.

AATA has already discussed this plan with a number of elected officials and government staff. We are ready to start the process with the general public – check the website for starters at

Let me know if you want talk about my vision for 2040.  I’ll give you a clue – Scotty is in charge.