Feature Story Noel Suarez (fourth from the right) and the Blue Water Area Chamber of Commerce at the Grand Re-Opening of Suarez Auto Sales in its new location
Development News This new Ferndale business was inspired by the Barbara Ward quote, “We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the Earth as its other creatures do.”
Feature Story A section of the Bay to Bridge trail in Port Huron.
Development News Social distancing in effect at the Farmington Farmers Market
Feature Story Central Asphalt
Development News Rendering of proposed downtown Wixom trail segment.
Development News Traffic calming measures on West Cross Street in Ypsilanti.
Development News There are more than 100 nonprofits in the SHARE Detroit directory; the organization hopes to reach more than 250 by summer.
Innovation News A rider on a WAVE bus.

WAVE public transit offers free rides to Chelsea vaccination site

Feature Story GKB Riverwalk Trail

These trails were made for walking: Our top 10 hiking trails in mid-Michigan

Development News FBC
Development News “I’m proud that JoeBar continues to show our great city how easy it is to support all of our neighbors on a weekly basis,” says Kevin Hickner, beverage director and bartender at Joebar.
Development News Innovation Hills Playground is designed to “provide a playground for children with disabilities to play alongside their neuro-typical peers.”
Development News Outdoor seating, part of the Syndicate social district, outside of KickstART Gallery & Shop.
Innovation News Toyota Principal Engineer Jennifer Pelky installs a car seat.
Feature Story “I see this as a family-to-family service for the community,” says Angela Tolonen.
Development News Fetter-2
Innovation News AAATA reduced service last year at the onset of the pandemic.