Development News A group on a guided hike at LeFurge Woods Nature Preserve (pre-pandemic).  Photo by Scott Tyrrell.
Development News A scenic view of the Paint Creek Trail's new connector path.
Development News Farmington has transformed the second annual Heart the Art into a month-long strolling tour of downtown.
Longform A footpath on Huron Street by the eastbound I-94 exit.
Feature Story “This allows us to grow beyond our borders,” says Jason Schlaff, co-owner of Farmington Brewing Company
Feature Story “We’re embracing our Michigan winter and craft beer,” says Shalyn Getz, president of Eastern Market Brewing Company
Development News The Farmington Civic Theater has reopened at 20 percent capacity
Feature Story Faith Simon
Development News Syndicate
Feature Story It’s not often that an inner-ring suburb like Southfield has the chance to redevelop nearly 100 acres but that’s just the opportunity the old Northland Center site presents
Development News Ferndale-moves-2
Feature Story division cottage grove
Longform KRVT Update last miles
Feature Story The historic Farmington State Savings Bank building
Development News “We’re thrilled to have the rink open in time for the holidays,” says Melissa Andrade.
Development News Ringwald Theatre
Development News “I like to say that we take our craft seriously without taking ourselves too seriously,” Maxwell Alfieri says. “We’re not uptight.”
Development News The Monsters Rule! team: Brent Mosser, Joel Gullickson, Kevin Singer (Left to right)
Feature Story Missy LaRussa of Kitchen Creations holds a complimentary tote in downtown Farmington
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