Garage Grill & Fuel Bar turns art deco gas station into Northville eatery

Downtown Northville's been waiting months for an old, art deco gas station - with barber shop inside - to be renovated into a restaurant and bar.

Garage Brill & Fuel Bar's much-watched spot on Main Street at Wing is around the corner, coming this fall, according the Garage Grill's website.

Besides a restaurant and bar looking out on Northville's historic downtown, the Garage Grill will offer a banquet room and 80-seat private room that'll be for rent and comes with the view of a restored 1930 Ford Model A.

There will be an outdoor cafe and an easy-in-out to-go counter, and new employees will be hired, bringing the Gulf Oil Gas Station back to life.

Ron Rea and his Birmingham architectural design firm, Ron & Roman, came up with the transformation plans for the spot, where construction started in February and has involved the remediation of a brownfield land where the 1940s-era station operated. Grants have been given to support the redevelopment. The menu is not yet public, though a pizza oven was brought in earlier this week.

Source: Garage Grill & Fuel Bar
Writer: Kim North Shine

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