Barton Green development gets green light in Ann Arbor

Not all of Ann Arbor's dense development is taking place downtown. Go a few miles north of the city's core, beyond the Huron River and almost to M-14 and you can see the spot for Tree City's latest residential development, Barton Green.

The developer plans to build 260 brownstone-style town homes and condos on 32 acres bordered by Pontiac Trail to the east, Skydale Drive to south and M-14 to the west. The two- and three-story buildings will be built on the east end of the linear piece of property. A park dedicated to open space will go on a few acres on the parcel's west end.

All of the buildings will have attached parking on the first floor that will supply a majority of the development's 586 spaces. The development itself has a distinct dense, urban flavor to it that is reminiscent of projects in the city's downtown area, such as Ashley Mews. However, most of the area around it is either woods or suburban single-family homes, with the exception of a few apartment and condo buildings.

Source: City of Ann Arbor
Writer: Jon Zemke