Detroit Edison gets $5M of fed stimulus money for energy storage projects

Keep studying, because Metro Detroit's smart grid is about to get smarter.

Detroit Edison, a subsidiary of DTE Energy, has received a nearly $5 million grant from the federal stimulus bill. The money will be used to build utility-scale energy storage units in Metro Detroit; specifically Detroit, Northville, and Auburn Hills.

The idea is to make the region's electric grid more efficient and reliable. There are also implications for the potential energy usage spike coming from electric and plug-in hybrid cars. Part of the funding will be used to demonstrate the benefits of community energy storage systems for utilities and to test the ability to integrate secondary-use electric vehicle batteries.

The project will install CES units of 25kW/2 hours each into a system that includes a one megawatt storage device integrated into a solar system.

Source: Office of U.S. Sen. Carl Levin
Writer: Jon Zemke
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