Peregrine falcons web cam returns to downtown Mt. Clemens

The Falcon Cam is back on in downtown Mt. Clemens just in time to catch the miracle of life taking place in one of the city's highest perches.

A Peregrine Falcon named Hathor has set up her nest in one corner or another of the 11th floor of the Macomb County building for years now. It is in one of the box corners of the historic building that just happens to face a window to a corner office. Luckily the 11th floor isn’t occupied so the falcons, an endangered species, can roost and breed undisturbed.

"They've tried nesting in all four corners," says Phil Frame, a spokesman for Macomb County.

Frame set up a web cam just inside of the window, a few feet from the nest. It gives an up-close view of the birds' life to anyone with an Internet connection.

Hathor first started nesting with another falcon in 2005. They raised a chick who eventually learned how to fly, but grew tired soon after and died after flying into a car. The pair tried again in 2006 and 2007, but failed. Then they got a divorce.

Hathor stayed in Mt. Clemens while the male started roosting with two other females in the Cass Corridor of Detroit's Midtown neighborhood. Not to be outdone, Hathor nested up with a younger male and they produced three new hatchlings last year named Clair, Clementine and Lenny. They were named after Lake St. Clair, Mt. Clemens and a recently retired Macomb County Commissioner, respectively.

Hathor and her new mate, Nick, have again set up their perch on the Macomb County building. This time they are on the northwest corner. You can watch just about everything in their lives here.

Source: Phil Frame, spokesman for Macomb County
Writer: Jon Zemke
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