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Q&A: HTI Cybernetics CEO reveals big plans for new Sterling Heights facility

The new HTI Cybernetics facility in Sterling Heights was officially opened earlier this fall, and represents more than $15 million in investment along with 50 new jobs in the city. It's a move that saw the company win this year's Sterling Edge Award for its business prowess. CEO Eric McAlexander says the new 189,000 square foot building on Mitchell Drive will allow the company to consolidate its current two facilities under one roof and he is excited about the chance to grow. 

We asked him about future plans.

HTI Cybernetics CEO Eric McAlexander sees a bright future for his company in their new facility.

Q: You've had multiple locations in Sterling Heights for more than 20 years, what made you choose the city?

A: Sterling Heights is a major manufacturing corridor that provides HTI access to many of our customers, making it easy for them to work directly with us. We have developed strong relationships with the mayor and city council and they have been great supporters of HTI. Sterling Heights also connects us to a talented and skilled workforce that is critical to our success. The economic growth we see in Sterling Heights along with their commitment to a high quality of life for its citizens makes it an exciting place to be.

Q: The manufacturing industry has seen some significant changes over the last few years, what trends have you seen here in Sterling Heights and beyond?

A: Regionally we see that Macomb County tops the nation in manufacturing jobs which brings in tremendous talent. In Sterling Heights and beyond we see advanced technology-driven automation and manufacturing that is thriving through 3D printing, collaborative robotics, automatic guided vehicles and artificial intelligence. All these trends will keep the area highly competitive and desirable for many years to come.

Q: What would you like to see more of in the manufacturing world?

A: We would love to see more young people entering manufacturing. Industry training, continued education, and skilled trade programs are imperative to attracting the next generation. We need our youth to be well prepared for highly satisfying, high-paying opportunities that come with the proper training at highly desirable workplaces.

Q: What's next for HTI Cybernetics?

A: Workforce development. We are in the process of creating new training programs to advance the skill sets of our existing employees. In addition, several recruiting initiatives are being launched in order to expand our workforce. We are also focused on engaging the next generation through internships, apprenticeships, and events like [Manufacturing Day].

Q: And for this new building at Sterling Enterprise Park?

A: Our new facility offers us a greater ability to research and develop solutions that address the changing technologies within automotive, such as electric vehicles, battery assembly and the use of lightweight materials. Our vision is to continuously improve safety, quality, and productivity in a connected world where humans and machines work side by side. In support of this vision, we are expanding our current solution portfolio to include Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs), opening up new markets, and advancing our expertise in Collaborative Robotic solutions.
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