Constant Companion preps for launch of weaponized clothing

Brandon Trevino has a license to carry a concealed weapon, but not the clothing to do so comfortably. That need led to the creation of Constant Companion, a fashion start-up that makes clothing that can safely and easily accommodate concealed weapons.

Constant Companion's garments, such as pants, have larger pockets that are easier to store handguns. These pockets often have a holster-like device that allow the user to safely carry their gun.

"There is a fairly large market in the U.S. for concealed-carrying products, between citizens and law enforcement," Trevino says. "This provides them with another option that is more comfortable, more concealed and allows you to carry a larger size handgun."

The Chesterfield Township-based start-up recently received a microloan from Michigan Microloan Fund and has been working with Oakland University's Velocity's incubator. It plans to use that money push forward with a Made in the USA production. Trevino expects his start-up to have five employees and $1.2 million in revenue after its first year of production thanks to the help of the likes of the microloan and Velocity.

"That was a big boost in the right direction for me," Trevino says.

Source: Brandon Trevino, owner & founder of Constant Companion
Writer: Jon Zemke

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