MangoTree Capital sets up shop in Velocity Collaboration Center

Satish Dharwadkar worked for years for Merrill Lynch as a financial advisor before taking the leap to become his own boss.

Dharwadkar launched MangoTree Capital in June, moving his two-person operation into the Velocity Collaboration Center in Sterling Heights, the building that house a number of economic development organization for the city, Macomb County and the Macomb-OU INCubator.

"I wanted to convert my hobby and passion into my work, which is investment management," says Satish Dharwadkar, president & portfolio manager of MangoTree Capital.

MangoTree Capital specializes in investment management. Dharwadkar points out that his firm uses quantitative analytical methods to maximize his clients' returns. He choose the the Velocity Collaboration Center because it offered a number of services with the lease, such as reception, an advisory board and tech support.

"I was looking for something more than just an office lease," Dharwadkar says.

Source: Satish Dharwadkar, president & portfolio manager of MangoTree Capital
Writer: Jon Zemke

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