MEDC makes connection between start-ups and seed capital funds

The number of seed capital options for early entrepreneurs in Metro Detroit have risen significantly in recent years, prompting the Michigan Economic Development Corp to increase efforts to connect these entrepreneurs with cash funds.

The MEDC will host a series of events showcasing the seed-funding and business-building options available to Michigan's growing class of entrepreneurs. These free events, which kickoff next week, are designed to help entrepreneurs and start-ups find growth opportunities through the business services and financial support made available through MEDC-supported business incubators and accelerators across the Great Lakes State.

"Michigan is different than any other state because we truly fund an ecosystem," says Paula Sorrell, managing director of entrepreneurship for the Michigan Economic Development Corp.

The Metro Detroit meetings will take advantage of programs at Detroit-based Next Energy, along with Ann Arbor-based programs and seed capital funds like Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition, Biotechnology Business Consultants, Michigan Angel Fund, Michigan Pre-Seed Capital Fund, Michigan Venture Capital Association.

"It's not unusual for a company to take advantage of 4-8 programs from the state to further their businesses," Sorrell says.

The 70-minute presentations based in Metro Detroit will be held on Monday and Tuesday at places like the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, Wayne State University, Next Energy, the Macomb-OU INCubator and Automation Alley. For information, click here.

Source: Paula Sorrell, managing director of entrepreneurship for the Michigan Economic Development Corp
Writer: Jon Zemke

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