Partyline aims to bridge communication gap on dating sites

The creators of Partyline saw that dating sites were a bit dated and inefficient. Seeing the need, they decided to create a business to satisfy it that they hope will take social online interaction to the next level.

"We feel that social networking and dating sites have been pretty boring over the last decade," says Johny Thomas, co-founder of Partyline. "They are set up like a blog and with messaging. There isn't much interaction and it's time consuming to set up a profile."

Patryline focuses on enabling its users to set up an account within a few short minutes. It also allows users to speak to each other nearly instantaneously. The idea is the increased interaction and ability to glean more indirect information, such as a laugh, will help the process move along.

"You will know within a few minutes whether you can get along with the person or move on," Thomas says.

All from a mobile app that can be downloaded at the Apple Store. Partlyline launched the app in April and is currently in a public Beta. It hopes to hit in excess of 1 million users within a year.

"We have seen pretty healthy traction," Thomas says. "It's going pretty fast and we're excited about our growth."

Source: Johny Thomas, co-founder of Partyline
Writer: Jon Zemke

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