RedViking merges with SuperiorControls, hires 48

To say 2013 has been a growth year for RedViking might be a bit of an understatement.

The Plymouth-based testing firm has hired 48 people over the last year. It now has a staff of 190 employees and a handful of interns. Most of its hires were engineers, and it's looking for another 15 people (mostly engineers) now.

"It's been an active year," says Randy Brodzik, president & CEO of RedViking. "And we're still looking for more."

RedViking also recently merged with SuperiorControls, the company that spun out RedViking in 2010. The two firms are roughly the same size, specializing in similar sorts of testing

RedViking designs, builds, installs and supports highly engineered aerospace and ground-vehicle powertrain test systems for large commercial and military organizations. SuperiorControls specializes in designing and building custom machines, software, automation and conveyance systems for manufacturers, primarily in automotive. But at the end of the day, the two companies share more things in common than not.

"When you look at the organization we're a bunch of engineers that like the challenge of new products," Brodzik says.

Source: Randy Brodzik, president & CEO of RedViking
Writer: Jon Zemke

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