Scratch Golf Clubs moves to Berkley from Tennessee

Scratch Golf Clubs has made the move from Tennessee to Berkley, opening up a retail outlet next to the Vinsetta Garage on Woodward.

The custom-golf-club company is also planning to move its grinding operations to Warren. It's a move that could add up to an investment of $1 million in Metro Detroit and bring 8 new jobs to the region. The reasons why are as simple as familiarity and the opportunity that comes with a major metro region.

"Most of us are from Michigan," says Ari Techner, president & CEO of Scratch Golf Clubs. "We were looking for a bigger city to sink our roots in."

Scratch Golf Clubs specializes in making custom golf clubs with radar and scan equipment that gauges a player's point of attack on the ball. It also shapes the club's head, weight, shaft rigidity and attack angle to fit the golfer's swing. The idea is to change the club to maximize the player’s swing instead of trying to get the player to change their swing to fit the club.

"We produce a club that fits a player better much better than anywhere else," Techner says.

The 10-year-old company executed the move late last summer and immediately saw a bump in sales with the new location. It expects to score a significant sales increase during next year’s golf season.

Source: Ari Techner, president & CEO of Scratch Golf Clubs
Writer: Jon Zemke

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