Spider9 adds to staff, scores big European contract

Spider9 just scored a significant contract to help provide an energy storage system for a large solar installation in Europe. It's a win that is expected to set the stage for more growth for the sustainability start-up.

"It's a very significant project," says Glynne Townsend, president & CEO of Spider9. "It's twice the size of anything we have done so far. It's also the first project we have done in Europe."

The downtown Northville-based company's technology helps make alternative energy generation and storage more efficient. It is partnering with with Easypower, a European-based energy firm, to deliver a two-megawatt hour grid-tied energy storage system. The system is set to be installed next year and will be tied to a large solar panel farm in Europe.

Spider9 will provide the hardware and software to manage the system. This is a big step-up for the company because most of the systems it manages handle half a megawatt hour of alternative energy generation.

The 2-year-old company has validated, demonstrated and made the first sales of its technology over the last year. It has also hired four people in that time period, expanding its staff to 15 employees.

"We're starting to get some traction in the market," Townsend says. "We're looking to triple our sales over the next 12 months and double our staff."

Source: Glynne Townsend, president & CEO of Spider9
Writer: Jon Zemke

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