Stardock, a leader in the PC games industry, is on a hiring spree

Some video game companies are starting to pull out of the personal computer market. Stardock is running toward it as fast as it can.

The Plymouth-based video game firm develops PC games and desktop software. It has established itself as a leader in the industry since its founding in 1991.
"Stardock is investing more in these PC games," says Chris Kowal, vice president of business development for Stardock. "There are lots and lots of gamers in the PC world."

The company has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. It has hired 40 people in the last three years, expanding its staff to 100 people. Half of those work in Plymouth with the rest in offices in Baltimore and Austin. The growth prompted Stardock to move to a new headquarters in Plymouth last year.

Stardock has produced some applauded games over the years. Some of those include Sins of a Solar Empire, the Galactic Civilizations series, and Sorcerer King. Stardock is also gearing up to release Ashes of the Singularity early next year. The company is marketing Ashes of the Singularity as the most advanced real-time strategy game ever. The game consists of a future-based dystopia with warring factions. Players are generals of armies working to win battles.

"It's like nothing else that has been done in PCs before," Kowal says.

Source: Chris Kowal, vice president of business development for Stardock
Writer: Jon Zemke

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