Support the Auto Industry centralizes auto deals on one website

Iterotext knows which hands feeds it, and it’s grateful. It’s why the translation services firm wants to do something to support the auto industry in its time of need -- spearheading

“We have been successful because of them and we want to help them,” says Beverly Cornell, spokeswoman for

But this is more than the stereotypical "Buy American" campaign. The website is pooling deals and discounts available throughout the auto industry. The idea is to make supporting the American auto companies a win-win for both the company and the customer.

These deals range from local dealerships offering employees pricing to gas stations willing to give away free gas with proof of purchase of a new car. Think of it as more of a customer-based bailout for local businesses.

"We think this can be a grass roots movement," Cornell says.

The website is only one month old but so far traffic is up more than 200 percent and growing.

Source: Beverly Cornell, spokeswoman for Support the Auto Industry
Writer: Jon Zemke
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