Green start-up Terra-Telesis aims to capture feral energy

Ever feel the breeze when a bus passes, or watch something get knocked over when a jet engine takes off? That phenomenon is called wake vortex or jet blast, but Al Khavari sees it as the basis of a new alternative energy start-up.

Terra-Telesis is working on technology that can harness this feral energy, such as through a turbine. "We are trying to repurpose energy," Khavari says.

The Sterling Heights-based company (it calls the Macomb-OU INCubator home) is currently working on a model of the technology. Khavari and his team of two people expect to continue demonstrating the technology's effectiveness and raise a seed capital round later this year and into 2014.

"We have reached the point that with two more tests and money we will be able to test the technology in a wind tunnel and the real world."

Terra-Telesis is currently looking to raise $750,000 and expected to build its first prototype within the next year.

Source: Al Khavari, founder of Terra-Telesis
Writer: Jon Zemke

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