Zana Network expects to more than double in size helping small biz grow

Farmington Hills-based Zana Network specializes in helping small business and entrepreneurs make the right connections to grow their businesses.

The 2-year-old company serves as a one-stop-shop for budding firms, providing its clients with access to 365 billion in contracts, capital, financing and information.

"(Entrepreneurs) are the heart and soul of this country," says Howard Keating, CEO of Zana Network. "They are the risk takers."

The risk the small group of executives and government officials took to start Zana Network is starting to pay off, too. It has gone from five employees to 27 today. That's on top of the 50-60 contractors and three interns it also throws work at.

Zana Network plans to reach 70 total employees and hundreds of contractors within one year if it hits its numbers. Those include going from 235,000 participants today to 1 million next year.

"Our job growth is going to be unbelievable," Keating says. "We're not here to flip the company. We're here to help these companies grow."

Source: Howard Keating, CEO of Zana Network
Writer: Jon Zemke
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