Is Uber out of control? Michigan lawmakers propose regulations

Uber has taken metro Detroit by storm since its introduction to the local market two years ago. In that time, the mobile app ride share service has become a staple of bar-goers and tourists from downtown Detroit to Royal Oak to Ann Arbor -- but not without controversy.

Unlike taxicabs and their drivers, Uber cars and drivers are not subject to rigorous regulations. For example, taxis are required to pass safety inspections and be driven by people with chauffeur's licenses, while Uber cars are not.

A pair of Republican State Senators are hoping to change this with the introduction of two bills. According to MLive, "Senate Bill 0184, introduced by Sen. Jones, R-Grand Ledge, would hold cars in a transportation network company to the same safety inspection and insurance standards as limousines. It would also and allow local municipalities to regulate transportation network companies.

Senate Bill 0188, introduced by Sen. Dale Zorn, R-Ida, would define what insurance a transportation network company's vehicles had to carry and also require drivers to carry a chauffeur's license. It also requires the company to do background checks on drivers."

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