Young professionals flock to Detroit, says WWJ

Young professionals tend to go where they see opportunity and potential. Detroit has both of those in spades, so is it any wonder they are heading to the Motor City?


There has been much talk about a "brain-drain" in Michigan - people packing up and moving away from the state - but many young professionals are turning to Detroit as a place to live, work, and thrive.

According to real estate broker Austin Black, 95% of his clients are looking to move into Detroit. 'I represent a broad spectrum of young professionals, empty nesters, even people with kids," said Black, "they want to see themselves contributing to the greater good of the city."

Black suggests that some of Detroit's up-and-coming neighborhoods, like the Midtown area, are also responsible for the trend.

"(Midtown) is one area that's really starting to develop into its own identity; people see the vibrancy that's going on in the neighborhood and want to be a part of it," Black explained.

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