"Enough is enough" -- Farmington Hills biz owner creates job network

In Farmington Hills, one business owner is concerned with more than his own bottom line — and he has an innovative new tactic that will use targeted spending and community buy-ins to help keep Michigan's economy on the right track.

Darryl Gaddis is the owner of Jaws Jumbo Burgers on Orchard Lake Rd. But when he's not supervising his staff or serving a signature burger, he can be found in the back room, connecting with interested customers for his signature idea, the Noah's Ark Business Group. The Group would act as collective entrepreneurs, purchasing and patronizing businesses with shared funds. Gaddis currently has 75 clients — eventually, when they're ready to make their first purchase, he hopes to open the group to  as many as 3,000 members.


Gaddis said the goal is to buy businesses, create jobs, and keep the money circulating in the network. The network would pay members 30% of profits, and give them 10% discounts to shop at network-owned businesses — supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants. The other 70% goes into buying more businesses, creating a whirlwind effect of money and jobs for the Michigan economy and its residents.

"The satisfaction is doing the right thing," said Gaddis. "There have been a lot of people that have gone to the grave with great ideas, but never implemented them."

You can find out more about the Noah's Ark Business Group by calling Darryl Gaddis at (248) 855-2228 or visiting his company's website, jawsjumboburgers.net.

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