Jobs Landed: Chea Tyrrell

Working for the Michigan Townships Association is inspiring because I get to witness so many passionate people working hard to restore prosperity to the state of Michigan. My job responsibilities range from event planning to editing to graphic design, and I've been lucky to learn and improve a wide range of skills in this position. I love being able to network and build relationships with marketing and advertising professionals that wish to connect with township officials.
I was grateful to get a job in the Lansing area right out of college. I was already in love with the area since I grew up around here and attended Michigan State. There are so many young people traveling to or staying in the Lansing area, and the downtown is really thriving. Businesses are popping up and succeeding all over the place, and I truly feel that the Lansing area has a positive and exciting future ahead.

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Job Title: Communications Coordinator
Company: Michigan Townships Association
College: Michigan State University, College of Communication Arts & Sciences, East Lansing, MI
High School: Lansing Catholic High School, Lansing, MI
Lives In: Lansing

Michigan Townships Association

512 Westshire Dr.
Lansing, MI 48917

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