Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams is a freelance writer, project editor and photojournalist based in metro Detroit. Her work focuses on individuals and nonprofit organizations investing in their communities through arts and culture, holistic healthcare, education and neighborhood revitalization. Follow her on Instagram @sarahwilliamstoryteller

Feature Story Participants of the men's ensemble rehearse.

Shakespeare in Prison program offers far more than an escape

Feature Story MacLean Additive
Feature Story M
Longform Alonzo Marable with daughter Kendall Marable and baby Teagan Photo by Nick Hagen..

Searching for Detroit’s middle-class

Longform Affirmations
Feature Story Artistic director Joe Bailey(left) stands beside his husband and theater co-founder Brandy Joe Plambeck(right). Plambeck is the media director for The Ringwald Theatre.

Ferndale's Ringwald Theatre returns to the stage