Blog: Lish Dorset

Lish Dorset is a member of Handmade Detroit, the crafty gals who put on the annual Detroit Urban Craft Fair. She has been making crafts since she started her first Troll doll clothing line back in Mrs. Schneider's fifth grade classroom. Lish also works as a social media coordinator for MS&L Digital in Ann Arbor. She looks forward to chatting about the state of the indie entrepreneur here in Metro Detroit.

Post No. 3

Mixing business and art: Can it be done?

…Or rather, should it be done?

Recently, our Handmade Detroit blog participated in some interesting discussion that took place among the Do It Yourself community. There’s a growing population of members who feel like their works should be reserved for artistic purposes only, while others are open to making a living out of their artistic visions. A lot of "alternative" crafters are coming to heads with traditional needlecrafts people, and the results are interesting, indeed. While it might seem silly to some, make sure to check out these links for all the info.

It was incredibly fascinating to watch the discussion take place online, but it did make me wonder – is there a correct answer to this question?

The answer? Whatever works best for you. As my art teacher back in elementary school once told me, there is no true definition of what art is. The same is true when it comes to how you want to best display your work. If a gallery show is the perfect way to go, without any hopes of making commercial gains from it, then that’s the way for you. If, however, you feel like your art might have a wide audience and could benefit from commercial success, well, it’s time to set up that Etsy shop.

The point is, much like you knew exactly what kind of artistic endeavor moved you, you’ll know what’s best for you when it comes to the business side of it.