Blog: Lou Glazer

Here's Post No. 4 from Lou Glazer, the president of Ann Arbor-based Michigan Future Inc., a think-tank that is a resource of ideas for how Michigan can and should reshape its economy. Check back daily for more of Glazer's thoughts.

Post No. 4

Unfortunately, after decades of building a world-class higher education system, Michigan has been under-investing in our universities and community colleges for years. Since 2000 state funding for higher education has been cut. Policy makers have consistently ranked higher education as a lower priority than tax cuts, k-12 education, prisons and health care. If that’s not bad enough, within the higher education budget the trend has been to fund more generously the non-research universities, rather than the three major research universities. From an economic development perspective, this makes no sense.
Its time for a change! We need civic, business and political leadership (as they are doing in leading edge communities across the planet) to put research universities at the center of our economic growth strategy.